The process of making copper goes through many artisans who are specialized in a particular technique. The process involves Khar – the smith, Naqash – the engraver, Zarcod – the gilder, Roshangar – the polisher, and Charakgar – the cleaner or finisher. In fact, specific localities or Mohallas like Roshangar-Mohalla are named after these professions, where these artisans still carry out their craft practice. The age-old art of crafting copperware is deep-rooted in the culture here and is famous all over the world. The craftsmanship of Kashmir is known for the work of engraving and making household and decorative products from copper including utensils like  Lota (pot), Tream (plate), Naer (water jug), Tash-Near (portable handwash), dishes, bowls, trays, vessels,haandi, Lamp Shades and many more and the most famous being Kashmiri ‘Samovar’- a traditional tea container or large cattle.
Product Details
Care Wash with water and use a soft dry cloth to wipe.
Weight 2415 GRAMS (approx.)
Dimensions Height: 8 inches (approx.) Width: 13 Inches and Length: 14 inches (approx.)
Material Copper
Set Quantity 1
COD Available For This Product
Shipping Time 3-6 Days

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Kandkaer Apple Shaped Copper Dry fruit Bowl | Hand Engraved

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