A "Blue Zari & Aari Embroidered Kashmiri Phiran" is a traditional clothing item from the region of Kashmir. It is a long, loose-fitting coat or cloak that is typically worn over traditional Indian clothing. The blue color likely refers to the shade of the fabric, while "Zari" and "Aari" both refer to the type of embroidery used. Zari embroidery typically involves gold or silver thread, while Aari is a form of hand embroidery using a hook like needle. Both of these types of embroidery give a luxurious and intricate look to the Phiran. The combination of the blue fabric with the shiny metallic thread and intricate hand embroidery creates a visually striking and luxurious appearance.

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FabricFine  Cashmilon 

Free Size

Length:-42"-43" approx.
Chest:-48"-50" approx.

Customization option Available

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CareDry Clean
EmbroideryZari & Aari Embroidery 
Type2 side pockets
Time To Make7-10 Days
CODAvailable For this Product

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Blue Zari & Aari Embroidered Kashmiri Phiran

  • Product Code:KO1172
  • ₹2,350

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