Autumn in Kashmir is equivalent to walnut-harvesting season. Growers pluck the dry fruits every year in mid-September and send the crop to the markets. Locally known as “Doen”, Kashmiri walnuts are organic (a USP of the nuts) as no sprays and fertilizers are used in their cultivation.

Traditionally, Kashmiri walnuts have enjoyed good demand in both domestic and international markets. The Kashmiri walnut kernels are also exported to some of the major countries in the world including the UK, UAE, France, and Germany; among many others. Unlike most cheap quality walnuts online, Kashmiri walnuts have a richer taste and flavor, making them a preferred choice.

Kashmir Origin has denoted an astounding position in the market by offering the best quality cluster of Kashmiri Walnuts. We, at Kashmir Origin, grow our walnuts naturally; which means, they are grown without the utilization of any substance composts or other artificial growth promoters. This yields extremely excellent crunchy, delectable and nutritious walnuts. Dissimilar to a great deal of different sites selling walnuts online, we source our walnuts directly from the trees that are gathered hygienically. Then, at that point, these walnuts are handled and loaded with extreme attention to detail. Our natural Kashmiri walnuts are incredibly fresh and you can feel their freshness in the taste.

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